The name’s Bond…James Bond.

It’s was a gorgeous day yesterday here in the Uk, last night it stayed above 17 degrees all night. I’ve been off all this week having a bit of “me time”, so when our neighbours suggested that we might all wander down the local pub for a cider, Phil & I jumped at the chance.
We got back about 8:30 pm and their kids were watching the Daniel Craig version of Casino Royal, so we adults settled down to watch it too (I still think it was the best Bond film yet!). It got to the scene where Bond & Vesper Lynd are in the hotel in bed and she is about to betray him, she gets out of bed and pulls on a red dress. Our neighbour’s wife said: “look at that, she’s not wearing any knickers, what a tart!”
Hmmm….I saw Phil look at me & I knew exactly what he was thinking!!
Now why would the fact that a girl has not got any underwear on beneath her dress make her a Tart? The reason I ask that is because I have been known to go commando on occasions! (see:
I realise that if a girl does that sort of thing she really should wear a suitably long dress or skirt and you obviously have to be careful about how you sit/get out of a car and things like that, but is it such a sin to want your bits to be free to breath?
I’m not advocating we should all try becoming Paris Hilton or Britney Spears, those girls did it for effect, but hey, it is quite nice to be out and about dressed appropriately knowing you don’t have underwear on.


7 responses to “The name’s Bond…James Bond.

  1. prevention of ride up so one needn’t pull at one’s underwear in public; comfort; fashion consciousness, including the feeling of being more adult; and minimization of tan lines.

    • I miss you to sweetheart! I can’t believe how long it’s been since I was last here. Since Dad died I have had such a hectic life….Mum has been living with us a lot (which cramps my style somewhat!) plus Phil has had surgery on his gall bladder, I have been diagnosed with a retrocele prolapse (i seem to have suffered a grade 3 internal tear when I gave birth 19 years ago which got overlooked!) so will need surgery on that in due course, and I have assumed extra responsibilities at work!
      Sex life? Ha ha,!! Well, that’s not entirely true, when it does happen it’s great, but it does seem to be a case of feast then famine!

      • Oh my! This has been quite the year…maybe even longer now for you! Sending love and waves of orgasmic energy your way lady! My mum just had a mastectomy yesterday, but oddly enough seems to be healing already and in great spirits…go figure:-) Much love to you and yours…From my heart to yours, Joy

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