Simple pleasures.

I have just returned from visiting an old friend who lost her husband six months ago. They used to live in London but about 19 years ago they sold up & bought themselves an old cottage in rural Gloucestershire with the aim of enjoying the less stressful existence that country living gives.
They refurbished their cottage and spent lots of money on all the modern conveniences like en suite bedrooms, fitted kitchen etc, but they retained one feature that I for one, am glad they did. They have an outside toilet (as well as a modern one inside!), which is situated alongside one of the outbuildings that now serves as a garage.
We went to the local village pub for lunch and by the time we walked back I was dying for a pee, my friend told me to use the outside loo and leave the door open! This I did and I quickly understood why she made that suggestion. The loo is not overlooked being in the garden, but it does overlook a wonderful vista. I sat there, emptying my bladder gazing across the garden to the Forest of Dean on the far side of the estuary with the welsh hills in the background and in that moment, life was good!
If only all of life’s pleasures could be that simple…..