Getting sticky!

I have been wondering what to write about this week, the muse has been deserting me lately! But then out of the blue a couple of girlfriends have given me inspiration. We were out on a “girls night out” last night and as the wine flowed, the conversation got more and more down to earth!
The two girls in question are 41 and 56, the latter being well and truly past the menopause. The topic veered towards sex (it usually does when a group of girls get together, probably more so that you guys would believe!) and in particular semen! The two in question are both married and the younger one on the pill for contraception. Yet both of them make their husbands wear condoms when they make love because “it’s a lot less messy”!
Now maybe I’m a odd one, but as far as I’m concerned I want to get messy! To me the presence of semen is important, it’s the proof that our union has reached an ecstatic climax. I’m quite happy to have it trickle down between my butt cheeks or down my legs, it’s all part of the process of making love. It has been thus ever since Phil & I got together, I was on the pill when we first met, I switched to the diaphragm with spermicide shortly after as the pill had unwanted side effects, then once our family was complete Phil had a vasectomy followed by a ritual burning of the diaphragm as soon as he was given the nod that no more sperm were present. So I have always enjoyed that “oozy” feeling after making love, things just wouldn’t be right without it.
I think society has become too “clean” in some respects, yes a condom is necessary when having sex with a stranger, but once you are in a permanent relationship & using a less undesirable form of contraception, let the juices flow! Get sweaty, get wet, get dirty even, but be lusty & enthusiastic!