…and another thing about men!

Since I’m on a roll, I might as well tell you about an incident from last year!
You probably don’t know, but my husband is French, though he has lived here in the UK since he was a little boy. But the french influence runs deep & he has to have his cafe au lait in the mornings. About this time last year (a Sunday morning) he got up to make breakfast (he makes us breakfast to have in bed on Sundays as I get up early on weekdays & make breakfast for us on those days), after longer than usual I got out of bed & heard him muttering to himself in the kitchen, turns out our coffee machine had packed up after nearly 15 years service!
Time for a shopping trip! Living in semi-rural West of England has it’s drawbacks, the nearest large shopping centre is 35 minutes away by car, so we had a cup of tea, I slipped on a dress & a pair of sandals & off we went to Bristol.
We found a suitable coffee machine in John Lewis (where else?!), took it to the car & returned to have brunch in the John Lewis cafe (Phil hadn’t had his caffeine fix yet!). While we tucked into our food I realised that Phil had a quizzical look on his face & he leaned over & said in hushed tones “your’e not wearing a bra, are you?”. It had taken him all this time to notice! I leaned over to whisper in his ear “I’m not wearing knickers either!” Ha! That stopped him in his tracks, he would probably have choked had he been chewing a mouthful. The problem is, he was like a kid for the rest of our trip, wanting to put his hand on my backside at every opportunity, trying to get me to flash him under the table, stuff like that! I mean, it’s not as if I had never gone commando before, not that I make a habit of it, he even suggested we stop on the way home for a shag (we didn’t!).
The thing is, what is it about the notion that your wife/girlfriend is not wearing panties under a dress or skirt or whatever that turns you guys into naughty little boys? After all, lots of men I’ve known go commando in the summer, is it that weird for us girls to want to do the same occasionally?