An unusual day at work!!

I don’t normally talk about my job, I try to keep it totally separate from my life here on WordPress, but today something happened that made me think “I wonder how many people get into this sort of situation at work?”
I am a community health practitioner, working with new mums and children under 5. Part of my job involves making home visits and today was one of those days. I was with a family I have been involved with for two years, they have a 3 year old boy and a 10 week old baby girl. Mum has been having problems breastfeeding (a major part of my remit is dealing with breastfeeding issues) so I had been there to observe and help. This was my 3rd visit of the day and I had been offered coffee in my 2 previous visits, so by the time i had concluded my visit here I was in need of a pee. I asked to use the bathroom and was happily sat there when the bathroom door was barged open by number one son (they have taken the locks off doors since the 3 year old had locked himself in a few months ago!), he handed me a towel and said “mummy told me to give you this”, I hadn’t noticed that there were no towels on the rail.
Now this little boy is very bright and articulate and he clearly wanted to stay and chat! Part of me felt I should usher him out but I also felt that acting naturally would be of benefit, so I let him stay while I pulled a length of toilet tissue off the roll & started to wipe myself while we chatted (him: “what you doing?” me: “having a wee “, him: “I use my potty”, me: “Do you think I should use a potty?”…and so the conversation went) I was in mid-wipe, in the hovering stance reaching down between my thighs when Dad appeared on the landing! Dad says “Is this a weird conversation or what?” I couldn’t close the door because number one son was in the way and while I’m sure Dad wasn’t staring at me, I’m also sure he saw a lot more of me than any other parent I deal with will ever get to see! Thankfully, mum comes upstairs & seeing the situation exclaims “Oh for goodness sake you two, can’t a girl have a bit of privacy?” and with that she scoops up number one son, shoves hubby out the way & closes the door!
I just burst out laughing, the whole situation was hilarious! My colleagues certainly thought so when I recounted the tale to them later.
But I have to admit that my next visit to this family will take on a very different ambience, it’s hard to look cool & professional when you’ve got your pants and knickers round your ankles and your hand in your crotch!!


Men & their bathroom habits!

I recently had an interesting ‘phone conversation with my sister, somehow the topic of our men’s bathroom habits cropped up and I mentioned that Phil always pees sitting down during the night.
As far as my sister is concerned that puts Phil squarely in the “in touch with his feminine side” camp! Now, I know that the only reason he sits to pee is that at something like two thirty a.m. he does NOT want to wake up sufficiently to be able to stand & aim correctly, sitting means he can remain half asleep & not risk missing the toilet bowl!
But is he in the minority? I must admit that I can’t recall any previous men in my life who have sat down to pee at night, but a quick poll of four of my female colleagues showed that two other male partners sat to pee.
I guess we should be thankful for that at least……because one other bathroom habit that really pisses me off is the apparent inability men have to clean up the skidmarks after they have taken a dump! The toilet brush is close by! Why can’t you take a couple of seconds to remove your tracks after emptying your bowels??!! Do you think we enjoy having to practically scrape off the dried on crap 24 hours later? Think again….