Getting sticky!

I have been wondering what to write about this week, the muse has been deserting me lately! But then out of the blue a couple of girlfriends have given me inspiration. We were out on a “girls night out” last night and as the wine flowed, the conversation got more and more down to earth!
The two girls in question are 41 and 56, the latter being well and truly past the menopause. The topic veered towards sex (it usually does when a group of girls get together, probably more so that you guys would believe!) and in particular semen! The two in question are both married and the younger one on the pill for contraception. Yet both of them make their husbands wear condoms when they make love because “it’s a lot less messy”!
Now maybe I’m a odd one, but as far as I’m concerned I want to get messy! To me the presence of semen is important, it’s the proof that our union has reached an ecstatic climax. I’m quite happy to have it trickle down between my butt cheeks or down my legs, it’s all part of the process of making love. It has been thus ever since Phil & I got together, I was on the pill when we first met, I switched to the diaphragm with spermicide shortly after as the pill had unwanted side effects, then once our family was complete Phil had a vasectomy followed by a ritual burning of the diaphragm as soon as he was given the nod that no more sperm were present. So I have always enjoyed that “oozy” feeling after making love, things just wouldn’t be right without it.
I think society has become too “clean” in some respects, yes a condom is necessary when having sex with a stranger, but once you are in a permanent relationship & using a less undesirable form of contraception, let the juices flow! Get sweaty, get wet, get dirty even, but be lusty & enthusiastic!


What’s been happening?

Not alot is the short answer! At least nothing of interest here, unless the few days I spent helping my Mum up in London excites you!
I will be going for my oft postponed tantric massage on Saturday, that’s carved in stone now! Nothing is going to come between me & a bit of “me” time now.
Oh, one thing has just sprung to mind….while I was away I got an email from an oganisation that conducts surveys. About a year ago I took part in research about sexual attitudes and gave them my email address for any follow up surveys. This new survey has a few questions that have made me take stock of my life so far. One question asks how many sexual partners I have had (partners doesn’t have to mean someone I have had intercourse with, it can mean any form of sexual activity) and I have to admit that I am a little shocked by my tally!
I freely admit I was promiscuous as a teenager, but I spent plenty of years in two monogamous relationships until Phil and I decided to try sexual experimentation in 2002 (we stopped in 2008, so there was a 6 year period during which we “swung”) but when I counted my partners, male and female, I discovered that between the age of 12(when I had my first proper sexual experience which consisted of masturbating a lad to a climax and letting him touch me intimately) and the age of 51 (when we last had a third party for sex) I had been touched by or had intercourse with close on 30 individuals! Quite shocking!

I haven’t fallen off the planet…

…but I have been incredibly busy! I have been providing sickness cover for a colleague AND trying to organise getting my kitchen refurbished! So, yes, I haven’t been posting much here for the past two weeks. Rest assured that I will be composing a diatribe about the joys of female ejaculation very soon as well as posting more photos on my “alternative” blog.
In the mean time, please feel free to comment on the photos I have already put up, it’s always nice to get feedback…..

In praise of HRT

I’ve now been on HRT for practically a month & I have to say the effects have been way better than expected! The hot flushes have stopped completely, I hardly have any sleepless nights, sex is just like it was before the menopause really started and I ejaculate like before. My vaginal membranes are no longer over-sensitive & I produce lubrication without much persuasion!
The only downside is that last night I came on and today has been really heavy. But that seems a small price to pay!
Update: My period finished last Thursday, it was a short one just like they used to be in my 20s. AND last night I was behaving like a 20 year old, my libido is off the scale……if this is HRT then EVERY woman should use it. I’m not kidding, I came more times than I could count (the wet patch was BIG!), I orgasmed twice, then again this morning. Phil is wondering if he needs to take Viagra in order to keep up with me!

tempting fate never pays off!

I knew it! Back in late August I was boasting about how the menopause was not having too big an impact on my sex life (see my very first blog “hello world”) and that I was still able to get aroused & ejaculate, well that was the kiss of death!!
I haven’t had a period since then, but more to the point my vaginal secretions have virtually dried up & I haven’t ejaculated since mid-September, despite still being able to climax, albeit with a lot more effort.
So…..this is it, eh? All downhill from here? I swore I would never go for HRT but I may have to swallow my words. Shit, I’m only 53, I’m not ready to be consigned to the sexual scrapheap. Barely two years ago I was enjoying threesomes. now I’m struggling to get wet enough for penetrative sex! Thank goodness for Sylk vaginal lubrication, that’s all I’ve got to say….

It’s an ill wind…

…that blows some good! I seem to be getting past the peri-menopausal stage & entering the menopause proper.
I have not had a period for ages & I’m getting the dreaded hot flashes. But one unexpected advantage from my husband’s point of view is that I have been spending more time in minimal clothing in the evenings & going to bed naked instead of in my usual nightdress!
Now, if only I felt like nooky all the time…..<a