What’s been happening?

Not alot is the short answer! At least nothing of interest here, unless the few days I spent helping my Mum up in London excites you!
I will be going for my oft postponed tantric massage on Saturday, that’s carved in stone now! Nothing is going to come between me & a bit of “me” time now.
Oh, one thing has just sprung to mind….while I was away I got an email from an oganisation that conducts surveys. About a year ago I took part in research about sexual attitudes and gave them my email address for any follow up surveys. This new survey has a few questions that have made me take stock of my life so far. One question asks how many sexual partners I have had (partners doesn’t have to mean someone I have had intercourse with, it can mean any form of sexual activity) and I have to admit that I am a little shocked by my tally!
I freely admit I was promiscuous as a teenager, but I spent plenty of years in two monogamous relationships until Phil and I decided to try sexual experimentation in 2002 (we stopped in 2008, so there was a 6 year period during which we “swung”) but when I counted my partners, male and female, I discovered that between the age of 12(when I had my first proper sexual experience which consisted of masturbating a lad to a climax and letting him touch me intimately) and the age of 51 (when we last had a third party for sex) I had been touched by or had intercourse with close on 30 individuals! Quite shocking!


I have a new photo album….

…and this is where you will find it:
As before, the photos contained therein are VERY explicit, so please do not look at it if you are likely to be offended by nudity or strong sexual content.
Those of you who have seen my previous efforts will be used to seeing my lady bits in all their glory!!


Our photos

If you go through my past posts, those of you who have read my musings before will notice that the sexually explicit photographs have gone! I’m talking about the ones that showed fellatio or penetration, not the ones that are essentially “naturist” shots. Lord knows that at 53 I no longer get worried about nudity, over the years I suspect that countless people will have seen me naked either on beaches or in spas etc. I don’t even mind that some will have seen my “girly bits”, you try climbing in or out of a hot tub without giving all those present an eyeful!
However, I frequently post stuff here that is not about swinging and I don’t want to deter readers from returning by blatantly posting images they might find offensive.
So what I think I might do is set up a separate blog somewhere with links from these blog pages so that I can post the more controversial stuff for those of you who want to see it. Blogspot seem to be ok with explicit material.
If enough of you post positive comments I’ll go ahead. Let me know what you think.

Our journey continues.

In my last blog I wrote about our first tentative steps on the road to sexual fulfilment, a wonderful evening with a couple called Will & Angela. We had indulged in some “same room sex” with them, for the uninitiated that’s sex with your own partner in the presence of another or others who should also be having sex. You could call it swinging for wimps!
There was to be another “same room sex” session with Will & Angela, this one was just a bit more intimate than the first in as much that there was some physical contact between us, but still no partner swapping. However, it was inevitable that sooner or later we would end up having a full blown foursome & when it happened, I think Phil & I experienced not only one of the most erotic events but also found we had an even deeper love for each other that we could possibly have imagined. This will probably seem trite, but as we lay there next to each other, me with Will fucking me slowly & rhythmically, Phil with Angela sat astride him, his dick deep inside her, we reached out to each other & held hands & when we looked in each others eyes, there was no denying the love that was present. I felt Phil’s hand tighten it’s grip on my hand as he came to a climax.
I think back to those first tentative steps in the world of swinging & I believe that what we were doing was giving each other the ultimate gift of sensual pleasure.
What this experience did was open the floodgates for while, we had discovered a whole new world of sexual pleasure & we did behave a bit like children with the keys to the local candy store!
Will & Angela invited us to our first sex party & boy was that an eye opener! There were people of all ages there, ranging from mid/late twenties to mid/late fifties, all shapes & sizes, more single guys than couples, but above all, they were all so pleasant & kind!
I had once (foolishly!) mentioned to Phil that I wondered what it would be like to have sex with several guys. Well, the bugger had secretly organised it with Will for me to find out at this party. (and for the record, it’s a bit over rated!)