This is me!

I’m a 50 something ex hippy who happens to enjoy writing about my sexlife, my menopause, naturism & anything else that springs to mind.
I do sometimes write about swinging, female ejaculation and other contentious issues, so be prepared to be offended occasionally!

One of my pet interests is female ejaculation, I have already written a piece about it elsewhere on these pages, but if anyone wants more information about this or has questions about anything related to this topic, please leave a comment & I will get back to you, or if you prefer, leave me an email address & I will write back with the answers you seek (or give you some idea of where to get your answers!)


17 responses to “This is me!

  1. how do you figure offended? these are your thoughts and opinions, so if people don’t like them, simple, hit the delete buttons and don’t come again……( maybe i should put don’t “cumm” again 🙂 )
    women have some interesting thoughts and i for one would never be offended.

  2. Well, you know what people are like, give them an excuse and they rant about being offended from the rooftops!
    I just want readers to be well aware of what to expect when the come to this blog.
    For the record I plan some “improvements” to this particular page, I want to be a bit more adventurous and also post some edited photos to give readers an opportunity to see what I like to post before they follow any links to my explicit stuff!
    Watch this space!

  3. You are totally gorgeous. Just stumbled across your blog….and wow. If you ever fancy contacting me, I would be delighted to hear from you.

  4. Hi Naturegirl1,

    I’m a very open minded Naturist from NW UK,and love your pages on here.
    I was very pleased to read that you are a squirter and very much into Female Ejaculation,which I’m fascinated by.
    I too have enjoyed a Tantric Massage,which included the Lingam massage.

    Where roughly are you,and are you interestes in other guys joining you for fun,or even on a voyeuristic level?

    Take care and keep having plenty of sensual fun! (Naked of course!)

  5. U r really straightforward and blunt which I am the type. Love your blog. Have fun with your hubby. BTW, what’s your email. I luv to comm with u & hubby. Thanks.

  6. Please bring them back! After reading all of this, I really would love to look at, or even watch a professional shejaculate. Just stumbled across this whole blog and wow!!!

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