Tantra With Joy…

For my first piece on returning to WordPress after a long break, I have chosen to reblog this article by one of my inspirations!
Nothing more needs to be said….


News about this blog

I imagine those of you who have been following my ramblings here on wordpress will be wondering why I have been so quiet lately.
Well, the reason is that I have been so busy, with work and family issues that finding the time to write anything of interest has proved impossible.
I am going to be involved in a couple of new projects that will make even more demands on my time, so for the next few months this blog will be “dormant”.
I will still be keeping in touch with the few blogs I follow, posting comments etc. but you will all have to be patient if you want to read anything about my sexlife!!
This would be a good opportunity to wish you all a very merry Christmas and a prosperous 2012.

Wind, rain and DTS

I’ve got plenty to tell you about, so I’ll try to keep things concise. I mentioned a wedding in one of my previous posts (the hen night was an eye opener!), that went better than I expected considering what went on during the hen night! There was only one fight (this was in SW London remember), but as the alcohol flowed during the reception both the bridesmaid and the brides mother got a bit vocal, which was a bit risky since the bridesmaid REALLY misbehaved on the hen night. Evidently the notion of “what happened in the club stays in the club” was being tested to the limit!!
OK, now for the vacation itself. I mentioned that we were going to spend some time in a naturist campsite, well that didn’t happen. The weather here in the UK has been vile for the past month. The plan was for Phil and I to meet up with our very close friends Garry & Jacky who invited us to join them when we found that our first week of vacation coincided with their second week. We met them in Wales where they were camping (not naturist !!) and joined them in their 6 man tent as there was plenty of space for just the 4 of us. Unfortunately the rain started midway through the first afternoon and barely stopped for the rest of the week!(ok, we did get one afternoon of sunshine!). There was little for us to do, so once we had done all the walking (and there is lots of scope for walkers in Wales!) we just hibernated in the tent with copious bottles of wine!
It was during the Wednesday afternoon that something remarkable happened, those of you who have followed my blogs will know about the relationship Phil & I have with Jacky and Garry(read for more information)The campsite was quiet, the holidaymakers were obviously all off somewhere, so Jacky suggested we retire to our bedroom compartments for a rest or some DTS (Day Time Sex). The way the tent was laid out meant the bedrooms were opposite each other and the nature of the relationship we all had meant we didn’t feel the need to zip the bedrooms closed. It’s probably no surprise to to read that we didn’t rest! I have to admit that there is something wonderfully erotic and intimate about making love with your partner in the company of another couple doing the same. Being able to see as well as be seen brings a whole new dimension to the process, hearing the soft sighs and gasps, the wet sounds of loving and ultimately the moans of orgasm certainly speeds up your own climax!
Our second week was no better than the first so we didn’t bother to travel to Devon where the naturist campsite is located. Yes we lost our deposit but the fuel we would have wasted would have been more anyway!
This past 10 days have been interesting for me. On my return to work I was greeted with an invitation to attend a conference on breast feeding being held by UNICEF. This was fascinating but more importantly, while there I was invited to attend a 5 day seminar and training program which will give me full UNICEF accreditation. I would be a fool to turn down such an opportunity, so I will be off to London next Sunday.
So there you are….sorry I have not been very active here on WordPress, but you will now know why I have been absent!

Doesn’t time fly!!

Where has the time gone? I can’t believe it’s been so long since my last post here.
So…what have i been up to? Well, two Fridays ago I went to an Ann Summers party hosted by a friend. Those of you who may not be familiar with Ann Summers, it is a chain of marital aide/lingerie shops that also does parties in peoples houses. All good, not so clean, fun!! Except that I think I have opened mouth before engaging brain during the evening. Part of the proceedings involves the organisers setting up party games to warm the atmosphere up! One of the games was a sort of Truth or Dare thing and you couldn’t have scripted it better if you had tried…the question I got was “have you ever had a threesome?”!!! I just smiled and asked to take the fifth amendment! Big mistake. Gasps and catcalls ensued. It would now seem that rather too many of my friends now know that I have indulged! Oh well……
The other thing that happened is that I went to hen party last weekend. (Batchelorette party for those of you in the States!) I have a lovely friend in London who’s daughter is getting married next weekend, my friend is a kind, generous, loving woman who I have a lot of time for. But she does have one flaw though, she is….how can I put this? Uncultured? Unsophisticated? I was told that her daughter, who I have known for over twenty years, wouldn’t take no for an answer. I had to come. But my heart sank when I heard that the venue was going to be a private members club in a part of London I would rather have avoided! More to the point, there were going to be “male strippers”! Oh joy!!!!!!
The party was everything I thought it would be, and then some! Have any of you ever heard of the Dancing Bear stripper act? The audience usually end up participating in some way. To be honest, I had always thought it was set up in some way, but no. There were two parties at the club that night and I would say that at least three of the ladies present actually had full penetrative sex with the two strippers. My friend’s daughter’s bridesmaid being one of them! The rest of us had to endure rubbing canned whipped cream over the the penises of the strippers, some had to lick it off (I avoided that “pleasure”!). The whole evening was just so…..crude. And the price of the drinks was extortionate!
The wedding is next weekend, I am trying to think of an excuse to get out of going…..I imagine that there will be some serious hangovers on the following Sunday.

An unusual day at work!!

I don’t normally talk about my job, I try to keep it totally separate from my life here on WordPress, but today something happened that made me think “I wonder how many people get into this sort of situation at work?”
I am a community health practitioner, working with new mums and children under 5. Part of my job involves making home visits and today was one of those days. I was with a family I have been involved with for two years, they have a 3 year old boy and a 10 week old baby girl. Mum has been having problems breastfeeding (a major part of my remit is dealing with breastfeeding issues) so I had been there to observe and help. This was my 3rd visit of the day and I had been offered coffee in my 2 previous visits, so by the time i had concluded my visit here I was in need of a pee. I asked to use the bathroom and was happily sat there when the bathroom door was barged open by number one son (they have taken the locks off doors since the 3 year old had locked himself in a few months ago!), he handed me a towel and said “mummy told me to give you this”, I hadn’t noticed that there were no towels on the rail.
Now this little boy is very bright and articulate and he clearly wanted to stay and chat! Part of me felt I should usher him out but I also felt that acting naturally would be of benefit, so I let him stay while I pulled a length of toilet tissue off the roll & started to wipe myself while we chatted (him: “what you doing?” me: “having a wee “, him: “I use my potty”, me: “Do you think I should use a potty?”…and so the conversation went) I was in mid-wipe, in the hovering stance reaching down between my thighs when Dad appeared on the landing! Dad says “Is this a weird conversation or what?” I couldn’t close the door because number one son was in the way and while I’m sure Dad wasn’t staring at me, I’m also sure he saw a lot more of me than any other parent I deal with will ever get to see! Thankfully, mum comes upstairs & seeing the situation exclaims “Oh for goodness sake you two, can’t a girl have a bit of privacy?” and with that she scoops up number one son, shoves hubby out the way & closes the door!
I just burst out laughing, the whole situation was hilarious! My colleagues certainly thought so when I recounted the tale to them later.
But I have to admit that my next visit to this family will take on a very different ambience, it’s hard to look cool & professional when you’ve got your pants and knickers round your ankles and your hand in your crotch!!

Bad Karma?

No sooner have I come through the period of sadness and despondency brought about by the tragic loss that affected a good friend, Phil goes and gets an affliction called Peyronie’s Disease. Not sure why it’s classed as a disease, but for those of you that don’t know what it is, the shaft of the penis develops a hard lump (plaque) usually at the site of an old injury, this lump is the size of a thumb nail in Phil’s case, about two thirds up the length of the shaft and becomes more obvious as the penis gets erect. In severe cases the penis becomes bent, usually upwards, but this has not happened to Phil.
There is no truly effective treatment for this, surgery can work in extreme cases, but otherwise, there is a study going on that suggests using ultrasound, much like it is used to disperse kidney stones.
Our sexlife shouldn’t be too badly affected apparently, though he does say the it is a bit tender when he gets an erection, so we will have to be a bit careful!!!!
I’m a bit puzzled by the “old injury” bit, I know we can be a bit enthusiastic when it comes to lovemaking, but not THAT boystrous!Maybe it happened during one of our swinging sessions…who knows?!
In case you are wondering, I found it while giving him a Father’s day treat! An unexpected consequence of a “lingam” massage!