Do women enjoy “porn” as much as men?

The answer is probably NO!
But it’s not quite as simple as that, is it? Let’s start be deciding what is truly Pornographic. My son had a DVD of one of the Saw movies, now I watched about 30 minutes of it and had to ask him to turn it off. I found it absolutely disgusting, the term torture porn has been applied to that series of films and I can see why. How can anyone get any sort of pleasure from watching people having to cut body parts off, even if it is make-believe? (even my son admitted he found it nasty)
So how about a film in which consenting adults do nice things to each other? Like having sex? I’ve watched my fair share of those types of films and I have yet to want to walk away because I found it too disturbing! Yet this kind of material is considered “pornographic”. Ok, I’m simplifying it a bit, there is a world of difference between a film like “last tango in Paris” which was fairly shocking in it’s heyday and the sexually explicit material that is now available at the click of a mouse! But the premise is the same, it’s only the fact that modern material shows penetration, ejaculation and equally intimate stuff that makes it an “adult” movie! As far as I’m concerned I’d prefer it if the legislators banned the movies that were gratuitously violent and relaxed the rules on movies with explicit sex!
But then what about scenes with BDSM? Or Golden Showers? Just because they are not to my personal taste doesn’t make them any less worthy. It’s a tricky question!
Then what about erotic writing? Truth be told I usually get far more turned on from reading the written word, probably because I can let my imagination do the work! Again, I prefer to avoid anything too violent and gratuitous, but I have undoubtedly masturbated to a good sexy book far more often than to a sexy film!
My Phil is a pretty average red blooded guy, he will watch an adult film at the drop of a hat, and if it gets him turned on then it’d be to both our advantage!! Ideally we would watch something together and BOTH get aroused, but there are times when I can quite happily leave him to his film and go and do a bit of paperwork or even a bit of ironing! Which suggests that men enjoy porn more than women if you think about it.
For the record, I prefer ” amateur” material, I would much rather see real people having sex than some silicone enhanced, cellulite-free bimbo with a hairless over endowed stud who can ejaculate coffee cup loads of semen all over the place!


What turns us on?

I think I would be stating the obvious if I said that guys like to watch their wives/girlfriends masturbate!! Hell, I admit that one of my favourite video sites is “I Feel Myself”. So that means that I like to watch other women masturbate. Who wouldn’t?!
I am quite happy to play with myself for Phil, as a rule I take longer to get going than he does so it makes sense for me to start before him. Also, it satisfies that exhibitionist streak in me.
But all this begs the question: do women like to watch their guys masturbate? Is there something slightly weird about watching your man wank himself for you?
When I start to touch myself I like to see that he is getting turned on. And I suppose that I find it quite sexy to see him start to touch himself, the sight of his penis getting hard is an important part of my own arousal. But after a few minutes I find that seeing him actually wanking gets much less interesting! Which is odd as I love to see him bring himself to orgasm. The sight of his semen spurting out, usually over my fingers and girly bits, is very satisfying and can speed up my own climaxes. It’s the part in between those two points that I find just a bit “seedy”!!
Am I alone in this?

Getting sticky!

I have been wondering what to write about this week, the muse has been deserting me lately! But then out of the blue a couple of girlfriends have given me inspiration. We were out on a “girls night out” last night and as the wine flowed, the conversation got more and more down to earth!
The two girls in question are 41 and 56, the latter being well and truly past the menopause. The topic veered towards sex (it usually does when a group of girls get together, probably more so that you guys would believe!) and in particular semen! The two in question are both married and the younger one on the pill for contraception. Yet both of them make their husbands wear condoms when they make love because “it’s a lot less messy”!
Now maybe I’m a odd one, but as far as I’m concerned I want to get messy! To me the presence of semen is important, it’s the proof that our union has reached an ecstatic climax. I’m quite happy to have it trickle down between my butt cheeks or down my legs, it’s all part of the process of making love. It has been thus ever since Phil & I got together, I was on the pill when we first met, I switched to the diaphragm with spermicide shortly after as the pill had unwanted side effects, then once our family was complete Phil had a vasectomy followed by a ritual burning of the diaphragm as soon as he was given the nod that no more sperm were present. So I have always enjoyed that “oozy” feeling after making love, things just wouldn’t be right without it.
I think society has become too “clean” in some respects, yes a condom is necessary when having sex with a stranger, but once you are in a permanent relationship & using a less undesirable form of contraception, let the juices flow! Get sweaty, get wet, get dirty even, but be lusty & enthusiastic!