About HRT update post

I have retitled the post that was called HRT Update, I have also added a few lines about how things have changed beyond expectations.
Look for “In praise of HRT”


In praise of HRT

I’ve now been on HRT for practically a month & I have to say the effects have been way better than expected! The hot flushes have stopped completely, I hardly have any sleepless nights, sex is just like it was before the menopause really started and I ejaculate like before. My vaginal membranes are no longer over-sensitive & I produce lubrication without much persuasion!
The only downside is that last night I came on and today has been really heavy. But that seems a small price to pay!
Update: My period finished last Thursday, it was a short one just like they used to be in my 20s. AND last night I was behaving like a 20 year old, my libido is off the scale……if this is HRT then EVERY woman should use it. I’m not kidding, I came more times than I could count (the wet patch was BIG!), I orgasmed twice, then again this morning. Phil is wondering if he needs to take Viagra in order to keep up with me!

An unfortunate side-effect!

Since I started the menopause properly back in September, I’ve become aware of a deterioration in my metabolism, more precisely, my already sluggish bowels have become downright recalcitrant! I mentioned this to my doctor when I went to see him about going on HRT a couple of weeks back & he prescribed a couple of laxative treatments for me as well as pointing me in the direction of a couple of websites on self-help.
Well, I’m not sure if it’s the medication or the diet I’m on, but boy oh boy have I become flatulent! I mean REALLY flatulent. If farting were an Olympic sport I’d be a gold medal winner. I can go through more than two octaves at a time….need I say more?
At least I have brought some amusement to our household, my younger son thinks it’s hilarious, I just hope that I don’t forget myself & let rip while out in public…..

Biting the bullet

Ok, I’ve had enough trying to be stoic about all this, I’m seriously fed up with the sleepless nights, the hot flushes (even if Phil likes the fact that I sleep naked every night!), the lack of vaginal fluids ect. I am going to see our GP tonight & ask him to put me on HRT.
I work with nurses & midwives & they have all said the same thing: take advantage of what medical science has to offer. With regular check-ups the risk of side effects is controlled. So that’s it. I’m going to give it a try.
By the way, any one who tells you St John’s Wort is a good alternative therapy for sleepless nights is only telling you half the story, it’s a fairly powerful anti-depressant that can seriously affect your ability to respond to sexual stimulation! Since coming off it I have been able to climax much more easily & my ejaculations seem to be getting back to normal!

16:45 uk time.
A quick update for you, I have seen our GP and after a quick examination to check that the soreness I have been experiencing in the membranes of my inner labia & vagina (not due to any yeast or other infection), he has put me on Elleste Duet HRT.
I will keep you updated on my progress…..

tempting fate never pays off!

I knew it! Back in late August I was boasting about how the menopause was not having too big an impact on my sex life (see my very first blog “hello world”) and that I was still able to get aroused & ejaculate, well that was the kiss of death!!
I haven’t had a period since then, but more to the point my vaginal secretions have virtually dried up & I haven’t ejaculated since mid-September, despite still being able to climax, albeit with a lot more effort.
So…..this is it, eh? All downhill from here? I swore I would never go for HRT but I may have to swallow my words. Shit, I’m only 53, I’m not ready to be consigned to the sexual scrapheap. Barely two years ago I was enjoying threesomes. now I’m struggling to get wet enough for penetrative sex! Thank goodness for Sylk vaginal lubrication, that’s all I’ve got to say….

It’s an ill wind…

…that blows some good! I seem to be getting past the peri-menopausal stage & entering the menopause proper.
I have not had a period for ages & I’m getting the dreaded hot flashes. But one unexpected advantage from my husband’s point of view is that I have been spending more time in minimal clothing in the evenings & going to bed naked instead of in my usual nightdress!
Now, if only I felt like nooky all the time…..<a

Hello world!

As a fiftysomething woman going through the menopause I thought I would blog about what I’m feeling, how it’s affecting me, my life, my sex life & libido, my relationships & family.
This will be a frank & at times very intimate blog. I hope you will find it useful, informative, entertaining & hopefully, at times sexy!

Week 1

So where shall I start? How about looking back at the past seven days?

Last Saturday dawned with me suffering from a headache. Not alcohol induced, more’s the pity, but one of those hormonal headaches that come with “the change”. And these just don’t respond to painkillers like paracetamol, the alternative being a codeine based drug which just binds me up! Ho hum.
Also, my boobs have started to ache, impending period! But when? Last month my boobs ached for 2 weeks before I came on.
Monday to Wednesday, boobs still ached, but no bleeding yet. Sex with hubby did nothing to help either!
Thursday? Aha, a bit of spotting. Could it be?
Friday? No! And my boobs STILL ache.

Week 2

Not a good start, my bits are itching like mad! Where did that come from? I hate thrush, I feel like I want to take a bottle brush to my vagina! And to add to my miseries, I think I really am coming on now. At least my boobs are pain-free today….
Sunday: at last my period has turned up, but how the fuck do I insert a pessary & keep it up there when blood is virtually gushing out?!
Monday: still itching like mad & really heavy today, that last tampon lasted all of 45 minutes!
Tuesday: still heavy, this is why I find myself wishing the menopause was over!

When I was in my prime I could predict when my period would start as I was as regular as clockwork, I always knew when I was ovulating as I got a twinge when the follicle was released, besides I could tell when I was in mid-cycle as my vaginal secretions changed viscosity quite dramatically, also I became seriously horny then as well!
Now days my periods are so erratic, I have been known to go 10 to 12 weeks without coming on then having 3 periods in 8 weeks! This all started very gradually back in 2002, my mother went through the change quite young (mid 40s) but back then she just elected to have a hysterectomy. I have no intentions of going down that route.
But that change back in 2002 did have one effect on me, it made me realise that I was soon going to loose my libido & I felt there was so much I hadn’t done yet! It became the catalyst that motivated me & my husband to try sexual experimentation.