What turns us on?

I think I would be stating the obvious if I said that guys like to watch their wives/girlfriends masturbate!! Hell, I admit that one of my favourite video sites is “I Feel Myself”. So that means that I like to watch other women masturbate. Who wouldn’t?!
I am quite happy to play with myself for Phil, as a rule I take longer to get going than he does so it makes sense for me to start before him. Also, it satisfies that exhibitionist streak in me.
But all this begs the question: do women like to watch their guys masturbate? Is there something slightly weird about watching your man wank himself for you?
When I start to touch myself I like to see that he is getting turned on. And I suppose that I find it quite sexy to see him start to touch himself, the sight of his penis getting hard is an important part of my own arousal. But after a few minutes I find that seeing him actually wanking gets much less interesting! Which is odd as I love to see him bring himself to orgasm. The sight of his semen spurting out, usually over my fingers and girly bits, is very satisfying and can speed up my own climaxes. It’s the part in between those two points that I find just a bit “seedy”!!
Am I alone in this?


13 responses to “What turns us on?

    • The sight of a woman touching herself has a certain intimate gentleness (for want of a better word) about it, a guy stroking and pulling his penis seems so…..well, NOT gentle! Do you know what I mean?

  1. When my ex-husband used to do it, it made me angry. In fact, I think thats why he did it. But when I watch my boyfriend, I rather like it. Of course, i dont usually let him get to the end by himself. *laughs*

  2. My wife: yes, it does do it for her. Very much. Whether she’s just watching me, or holding my testicles while I come, or letting me come on her pussy or tits, it works for her no matter which way. Which, of course, I’m not complaining about.

    You have more hard questions like that? 😉

  3. I should have pointed out, that watching her do her things is a surefire way to get me going too. I have never understood people, men or women, who feel insecure about their partner, spouse, boyfriend/girlfriend, masturbating. Watching the person I love getting off and enjoying her own body is one of the most intimate and arousing experience. It certainly gets my own juices going…

  4. It turns me on actually more than anything to see my partner masturbate and watch her climax, so of course i’ll join in myself and feel pretty damn good too in the process. 🙂

  5. The common thread in all the above comments is that partnered masturbation is good! It brings couples together, it instils a measure of intimacy that intercourse may not provide.
    Now….does that make the fact that I occasionally like a bit of “me” time when I masturbate solo at odds with the intimacy of partnered masturbation? A time when I can let my imagination run wild, give free reign to my most erotic fantasies.

  6. I know this is an older post, but I had to offer my two cents: I must say I thought how men masturbated was kind of, well, uninspired. There didn’t seem to be any erotic element to it at all–that is, until I saw a certain uncut man masturbate. It was the most sensuous experience I’ve ever seen. Now I’m an uncut guy groupie. 🙂

    • Ooh beachcomber, that’s where you & I differ, I like my men to be whole, there’s something vaguely sexy about pulling back a foreskin to reveal that glorious glans!
      But I still find watching a guy masturbate a bit tedious once he has got hard.
      Hang on, I’ve just re-read your comment! We DO share the same view on foreskins!

  7. Maybe I’m odd, but I love to watch Paul masturbate, I like the way his skin moves as he slides his hand over his cock, then I love to see his semen spurt out. Just thinking about it makes me horny!! And I too love foreskins!

  8. I am way out in the future for commenting on this old post, but I like it to much.
    I love to see my friend getting aroused/hard when I touch myself and I like to see him joining me in the pleasure. But as someone else also said, I also like my private time to fantasize away in a naughty land. And I too love foreskins.

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