Oops, nearly forgot!

I completely forgot to mention this in my last post, but Phil & I finally got to see the consultant urologist about his Peyronies affliction.
It would appear that there is nothing to be done really, Phil’s condition is relatively mild, yes erections are painful and ejaculation makes the discomfort worse (the muscle contractions “squeeze” the sensitive area) but he assured us that the pain will subside within 12 months and as long as the area of plaque doesn’t get larger, there is no need for surgery as the risks can be far greater than the original ailment!! The curvature in Phil’s case is slight (more like an upturn at the end of his penis) and as it doesn’t cause me any discomfort, the whole thing is best left alone. We asked about the ultrasound therapy, but as there is no hard evidence that it is truly effective, that is no longer offered.
So, we are no further advanced, we will carry on with the Vitamin E treatment for now and we will wait to see how things go.


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