Doesn’t time fly!!

Where has the time gone? I can’t believe it’s been so long since my last post here.
So…what have i been up to? Well, two Fridays ago I went to an Ann Summers party hosted by a friend. Those of you who may not be familiar with Ann Summers, it is a chain of marital aide/lingerie shops that also does parties in peoples houses. All good, not so clean, fun!! Except that I think I have opened mouth before engaging brain during the evening. Part of the proceedings involves the organisers setting up party games to warm the atmosphere up! One of the games was a sort of Truth or Dare thing and you couldn’t have scripted it better if you had tried…the question I got was “have you ever had a threesome?”!!! I just smiled and asked to take the fifth amendment! Big mistake. Gasps and catcalls ensued. It would now seem that rather too many of my friends now know that I have indulged! Oh well……
The other thing that happened is that I went to hen party last weekend. (Batchelorette party for those of you in the States!) I have a lovely friend in London who’s daughter is getting married next weekend, my friend is a kind, generous, loving woman who I have a lot of time for. But she does have one flaw though, she is….how can I put this? Uncultured? Unsophisticated? I was told that her daughter, who I have known for over twenty years, wouldn’t take no for an answer. I had to come. But my heart sank when I heard that the venue was going to be a private members club in a part of London I would rather have avoided! More to the point, there were going to be “male strippers”! Oh joy!!!!!!
The party was everything I thought it would be, and then some! Have any of you ever heard of the Dancing Bear stripper act? The audience usually end up participating in some way. To be honest, I had always thought it was set up in some way, but no. There were two parties at the club that night and I would say that at least three of the ladies present actually had full penetrative sex with the two strippers. My friend’s daughter’s bridesmaid being one of them! The rest of us had to endure rubbing canned whipped cream over the the penises of the strippers, some had to lick it off (I avoided that “pleasure”!). The whole evening was just so…..crude. And the price of the drinks was extortionate!
The wedding is next weekend, I am trying to think of an excuse to get out of going…..I imagine that there will be some serious hangovers on the following Sunday.


2 responses to “Doesn’t time fly!!

  1. Oh, that hen party sounds like too much. It’s one thing to watch some male strippers at a Bachelorette party, but its another thing to start having sex and licking penises. I’m a bit grossed out. 🙂

  2. Goodness knows I’m no prude, in the right circumstances party sex is wonderful, but somehow seeing your friends daughter giving a stripper oral WHILE MUM WATCHED was just wrong! As for the bridesmaid, well…….again I know it was all supposed to be fun, but when she let the stripper actually penetrate her, even though it was for no more than a minute or two, I was stunned.

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