An unusual day at work!!

I don’t normally talk about my job, I try to keep it totally separate from my life here on WordPress, but today something happened that made me think “I wonder how many people get into this sort of situation at work?”
I am a community health practitioner, working with new mums and children under 5. Part of my job involves making home visits and today was one of those days. I was with a family I have been involved with for two years, they have a 3 year old boy and a 10 week old baby girl. Mum has been having problems breastfeeding (a major part of my remit is dealing with breastfeeding issues) so I had been there to observe and help. This was my 3rd visit of the day and I had been offered coffee in my 2 previous visits, so by the time i had concluded my visit here I was in need of a pee. I asked to use the bathroom and was happily sat there when the bathroom door was barged open by number one son (they have taken the locks off doors since the 3 year old had locked himself in a few months ago!), he handed me a towel and said “mummy told me to give you this”, I hadn’t noticed that there were no towels on the rail.
Now this little boy is very bright and articulate and he clearly wanted to stay and chat! Part of me felt I should usher him out but I also felt that acting naturally would be of benefit, so I let him stay while I pulled a length of toilet tissue off the roll & started to wipe myself while we chatted (him: “what you doing?” me: “having a wee “, him: “I use my potty”, me: “Do you think I should use a potty?”…and so the conversation went) I was in mid-wipe, in the hovering stance reaching down between my thighs when Dad appeared on the landing! Dad says “Is this a weird conversation or what?” I couldn’t close the door because number one son was in the way and while I’m sure Dad wasn’t staring at me, I’m also sure he saw a lot more of me than any other parent I deal with will ever get to see! Thankfully, mum comes upstairs & seeing the situation exclaims “Oh for goodness sake you two, can’t a girl have a bit of privacy?” and with that she scoops up number one son, shoves hubby out the way & closes the door!
I just burst out laughing, the whole situation was hilarious! My colleagues certainly thought so when I recounted the tale to them later.
But I have to admit that my next visit to this family will take on a very different ambience, it’s hard to look cool & professional when you’ve got your pants and knickers round your ankles and your hand in your crotch!!


3 responses to “An unusual day at work!!

  1. Laughing with you not at you! lol…This reminds me of a BC Ferry experience I had. I had to pee so bad that I decided not to wait for the women’s bathroom to be open, so I rushed into the men’s version and ‘locked the door’.

    I was horrified by the state of the bathroom, so I hung my but in the air and peed without making a touch down. Unfortunately, what I didn’t realize is that the lock didn’t fully engage. A guy in his mid twenties or so, luckily no one I know, opens the door…

    His jaw drops as he looks at me, then into the mirror, which I now realize is catching a fullon snatch view! I just hung in the air fully exposed, waiting for him to be a gent and shut the door, which took way to long so I had to politely ask him to shut the door so I can wipe!

    When I came out, he was standing awkwardly…trying not to stare at me. So, cool cat I am, I just look him in the eyes and say “Pleased to meet you!” do a slight curtsy (is that how you spell curtsy??) and head back to my little black smart car…laughing my head off to myself while hoping the ‘peeper’ is heading to Vancouver rather than the tiny island of salt spring!

    The difference between my story and yours? I don’t have to face the bloke again! good luck with your next visit:-) Thanks for the laugh! Joy

  2. I wasn’t so much embarrassed as just thinking “why me?”!!!
    As for your experience, been there too, French motorway services in high summer, very crowded, long line for the ladies so followed a French woman & used the mens. Ok until I came out to find a guy waiting to use the toilet after me, he was obviously pissed off to find a woman in there and grumbled away in french….I turned away a bit embarrassed only to realise I was looking at the line of urinals with half a dozen cocks pointing at the porcelain!

  3. I think it’s kind of cute for the kid, but totally inappropriate for the dad. He knew better than to
    intrude on an adult woman’s privacy in the bathroom. I bet he was hoping for a peek. 😉

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