Bad Karma?

No sooner have I come through the period of sadness and despondency brought about by the tragic loss that affected a good friend, Phil goes and gets an affliction called Peyronie’s Disease. Not sure why it’s classed as a disease, but for those of you that don’t know what it is, the shaft of the penis develops a hard lump (plaque) usually at the site of an old injury, this lump is the size of a thumb nail in Phil’s case, about two thirds up the length of the shaft and becomes more obvious as the penis gets erect. In severe cases the penis becomes bent, usually upwards, but this has not happened to Phil.
There is no truly effective treatment for this, surgery can work in extreme cases, but otherwise, there is a study going on that suggests using ultrasound, much like it is used to disperse kidney stones.
Our sexlife shouldn’t be too badly affected apparently, though he does say the it is a bit tender when he gets an erection, so we will have to be a bit careful!!!!
I’m a bit puzzled by the “old injury” bit, I know we can be a bit enthusiastic when it comes to lovemaking, but not THAT boystrous!Maybe it happened during one of our swinging sessions…who knows?!
In case you are wondering, I found it while giving him a Father’s day treat! An unexpected consequence of a “lingam” massage!


12 responses to “Bad Karma?

  1. Ouch! I hope it doesn’t impact things for you both. As far as where it has come from, I can’t imagine there hasn’t been at least one of those moments in his life where, whilst going at full speed, said penis disengages from the particular hole it is attending to and hits the outside wall with the full weight of a thrust behind it. Even just writing that I’m squirming thinking about those agonising few minutes after you do it where it feels like the incredible hulk has just taken your penis and snapped it over his knee.

  2. We think the issue dates back to late 2007, Phil had taken voluntary redundancy after 25 years service with a view to selling our place in London & moving to the South West, but even though everything worked out, he still had a few months of doubt & panic with the resulting erection problems! I tend to have strong contractions when I climax & may have “pushed” his half erect penis out! In other words…I broke it!

  3. I worked with a man with serious issues related to pd…lingam massage is noted as being the most effective form of treatment, but there are a number of important things to know as well. If you want me to email you or comment here with some info related, let me know!

  4. Joy: Whichever you prefer! It may be useful to have the information in the public domain, but if you have any doubt, please email it to me!
    Thanks, as always!

  5. Okay, yes, it is not a well known issue! I had a gent contact me because he was under the impression I gave lingam massages. I must admit, I hadn’t even heard of the issue and had to thoroughly research it before I could move forward intelligently.

    His issue was much more sever. The scarring on his lingam was so intense that even having an erection was extremely painful, which made it literally impossible. For this man, his penis naturally curved towards his belly.

    One of his favourite sex positions was the reverse cowgirl. The main scarring was on the inner area of his lingam and his doctor said it was due to over-extending the penis during intercourse.
    This poor man had gone to doctors, massage therapists and all other types of practitioners with no luck.

    I taught his partner how to give him a lingam massage. She used a massage oil with vitamin E Oil for it’s rejuvenating effects on the skin of his lingam. I also advised the couple to experiment with different positions paing special attention to which positions caused any discomfort.

    If I remember correclty, it took at least 2 months of massage before they were even able to have intercourse! Over time they were able to continue having a fairly healthy sex life, but they had to maintain awareness to avoid causing additional damage!

    There is tonnes of info on this site:

    good luck! Sounds like Phil’s situation is quite mild! Thanks goodness! J

  6. Yeah….it’s hard to say how “mild” the condition is in Phil’s case. The lump seems big to me, but I have no previous experience of this so without a base line it’s hard to judge. So far it has not stopped our lovemaking at all, yes he feels mild discomfort when he gets erect, he says the discomfort gets a bit worse when he ejaculates, the contractions seem to be the cause of this, but there is no curvature of the penis yet and to all appearances his penis looks “normal”!!
    There again it’s early days yet.
    Thanks for your information, it’s proving valuable.
    BTW, did you get my email to you about this early last week?

  7. Oh, no, I didn’t. Did you send it to ?? so sorry. I will check now in both of my email accounts… I am a firm believer in positive thought and affirmations…because they tell the subconscious mind what the body wants to accomplish.

    I reccommend having Phil visualize the lump gone and I know it may sound odd, but if you can have him close his eyes for a moment and see if he can identify an emotion attached to the lump (fear, anger, etc.) and then decide what he wants to replace the negative emotion with — a positive motion such as “I am a powerful lover”…”my cock is healthy” I am much better at this in person:-)

    Then if he or you can massage his lingam and imagine white light or rose coloured light flowing through his entire body…making sure to clear any dark energy, especially in and around his genitals and testicles and then imagine light coloured energy flowing through his spine….It will help. Seriously.

    Ask me anything else about this or anything that comes to mind that might be helpful! Sweet dreams…Joy

  8. It seems I spoke too soon! This morning Phil woke with his usual “morning glory” erection and not only was it more uncomfortable than of late, there was the start of curvature!
    He still hasn’t been to see the Urologist yet, there are delays in getting appointments, so we are no further advanced than when this all started.

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