Tantric bliss

So, at long last I have had my massage! After so many postponements I was beginning to think that fate was against me! Can I say right now that anyone contemplating something like this should REALLY go ahead, it will be money well spent.
I won’t write about the entire experience, it would take too long & I think you would get bored! What I will tell about are the highlights….and the one surprise.
Phil got me to Alison’s studio by mid afternoon yesterday (Saturday) and was sent off to browse the nearby Factory Outlet shopping complex with strict instructions not to return for at least two hours and to be kind to our credit card!
Alison started the session by sitting me down and asking me questions about allergies, past muscular injuries & if I had suffered any re-occurrence of cystitis. She then talked about what she would be doing, how she would not move on to the next level without asking me first and explaining that due to space & infrastructure limitations she would not be able to provide the traditional “cleansing” ritual (no problem as I had bathed before leaving).
The other breaks with tradition were that she opted not to be naked too (fine by me) and the massage would take place on a massage table rather than on cushions on the floor.
Alison got me to undress & change into a sarong that she had provided while she busied herself with two small bowls of warmed oils.
She started with me sat on the table and spent some time teaching me to breath correctly (using my abdomen), she kept at least one hand on me at all times, she then started to massage my head and shoulders, Indian style, then she asked me to stand and she dis-robed me. The next part of the massage was with me laying face down on the table, it culminated with a divine stroke that consisted of her lightly tracing the length of my spine with fingertips, down between my buttocks and lifting off just as she approached my anus, but as she lifted off the one hand, the other hand started the stroke again, this carried on, alternating hands, for a few minutes then she asked me to turn over, again maintaining a point of contact with my skin throughout.
The massage continued with her starting at the top of my chest, over my breasts and down to my abdomen, gradually working her way down my front, then she started on my legs, first the right then the left, each stroke getting further up my thighs until her fingertips were just about brushing my pubic area. All the while she would whisper softly asking me if I was comfortable with what she was doing (needless to say I was!). She then told me that she was going to start the yoni massage next and asked me to bend my knees and let my legs fall naturally apart.
I was supposed to be in a state of relaxed bliss but I have to say that what I was feeling was arousal more than anything else!
She changed from the oils that she had used on my body so far to an oil I recognised straight away: wheatgerm oil. I had used that during both my pregnancies, both to condition my nipples & to help maintain the elasticity of my vulva & perineum. The aroma is unmistakeable!
I can’t be sure what she was doing, I couldn’t see, but it definitely felt wonderful.She seemed to be working on my outer labia, first one side then the other. Again she was whispering asking me if I was ok and if I was happy for her to continue (I was!), then she shifted round and put one hand palm down on my pubic bone, with the other hand she started to gently work the oiled fingers into me. She was obviously aware of my feelings, she whispered encouragement and reminders to keep my breathing rhythmic and deep. I was trying very hard not to squirm, but I think I failed in that respect.She moved the thumb of the hand that was on my pubic bone so the she was now able to start massaging my clitoris, all the while massaging the inner walls of my vagina, front and back, with the fingers of the other hand. I knew that a climax was building & I think I managed to warn her what was approaching, but even as I said it, she had transferred the fingers inside from the back to the front wall of my vagina, right onto my Gspot (or Goddess spot I think she had called it ) and I came, quite wetly! She again whispered encouragement, without breaking the rhythm of her strokes and I felt myself come again. It was at this point that something unexpected, as far as I was concerned, happened. I felt an unbelievable surge of emotion welling up inside me, I used the breathing rhythm to try and control this feeling but I’m pretty certain she was aware of what was going on, I could very easily have started crying! At this stage I had lost all notion of time, I hadn’t a clue how long I had been there. Alison seemed to start winding the massage down, gradually she stopped the strokes and her hand fell still. She still had fingers inside me and a hand resting on my pubic bone, but all was still. I felt this warmth spreading from the hand on my pubis, which seemed to spread up into my chest. I think I was drifting off as I felt like I was floating above the massage table, I was barely aware of Alison withdrawing her hands and covering me with the sarong, I felt like I was looking down on myself. A very odd sensation! When I came round, Alison was no longer in the room, again I had no idea of how long I had been in that trance like state. My legs had been straightened for me, the sarong felt incredibly sensual on my skin and I just wanted to savour the moment. Alison reappeared and asked me if I was ok, turns out the whole process had taken just two hours. She handed me a glass of mineral water & advised me to drink lots for the rest of that day. I got dressed, feeling slightly light headed and went out to find Phil, sat waiting for me.
Would I do it again? Without a moments hesitation! But could I afford it? Remember, this was a freebie as Alison was looking for experience and wanted my feedback (but not there and then!). A full tantric massage does not come cheap, maybe I will save up & spoil myself in the future.
There is one more thing i need to add though, this morning, Phil & I made love. It was one of those lazy Sunday morning sessions, unhampered by children or other distractions. I had two orgasms, the first one was what I would have expected, the second one some 20-30 minutes later was not expected though. Could yesterday’s experience have any thing to do with it? Logic says no, but it is a coincidence, isn’t it


9 responses to “Tantric bliss

  1. I am thrilled you had such an incredible tantric massage, eventually….now perhaps you can have Phil trained in this skill 🙂 It does sound wonderful. May I ask if you actually ejaculated, or was the orgasm just very wet?

  2. Now there’s a thought! My own personal in-house therapist……
    As for your other question, oh yes….I most certainly ejaculated! Not that Alison seemed at all surprised.

  3. I just popped on and need to get off, but I would love to comment more in depth when I have time! Sounds like a lovely experience…From my heart to yours, Joy

  4. Well, it sounds like a beautiful experience. One thing to remember is that each and every massage (even between longtime lovers) is totally unique. It will never cease to amaze, delight and pl;easure. Tantric massage is a gift. Yes, often an expensive one:-)

    To give you an idea of the spectrum on tantric massage, I had one client (43 yrs. old) who came to me about issues with erectile disfunction. He ended up crying while I held him for 3 hours. He had unresolved grief around his mother dying (when he was 20).

    He was shocked and embarassed, but I explained to him that, when working with a healer of any background, you never know what will be unleashed through the process. Oh, and yes, it fixed his erectile disfunction! Go figure!

    On the other end of a spectrum was a man in his late 20’s who was working on learning some basic Tantra rituals to enhance his lover’s pleasure who had a spontaneous totally unprompted (my apprentice and I were simply working on heart connection with all parties fully clothed) orgasm that lasted 15 minutes. Go figure.

    The beauty of Tantra is that it never ceases to amaze me. Even after working with hundreds, actually now likely thousands I suppose, of individuals, each session is midn blowing in it’s ability to break the mold.

    I’m not sure if you read my best Tantra session ever…but the woman in that session (from the day I recorded her session for my Tantra video) she had an incredible emotional release that was sparked by her arousal and the feeling of being ‘safe’.

    So, your emotional release is par for the course, but no less miraculous! Opening more to your partner, to pleasure, and to your own desires is all a beautiful spin off or afterglow if you will. Learning the art as a couple is divine! That is one of the main offerings in my practice was massage training for couples or single men/women who want to learn the art.

    It is beautiful. I am in the long process of writing a Tantric massage book for couples, whihc I will gift you a copy of upon completion.

    From my heart to yours, Joy

  5. What caught me out was how I found myself feeling so emotional, I’m normally such a practical person, yes I can get choked up at certain scenarios if they are particularly sad or moving, but what prompted this surge of feeling after something like a climax? (BTW, I differentiate between a climax and an orgasm, I can have several of the former but usually only one of the latter). Obviously I put a lot of trust in Alison and the intimacy of the massage will no doubt have created some sort of bond, but I am still a little bemused by my emotional reaction.
    AS for your offer of the book, please don’t feel you have to do this! It’s very kind of you but I wouldn’t want to put you to any trouble or expense!

  6. No worries, I love giving! If you close your eyes and put yourself back in that moment, see if you can find one emotion or feeling word that describes the emotion as it surfaced. That will provide you with more clarity. There may be something lurking beneath the surface that you are not consciously aware of.

    Once you identify the emotion, take a moment to contemplate it and then, if it is negative, decide what you want to replace it with. Find a positive affirmation, or simply one single emotion that has a positive meaning for you that you’d like to replace the negative with.

    I always recommend having a minimum of 3 sessions of any sort of healing work so that you are able to fully process whatever comes up. It is really common for an individual not to be able ot fully verbalize an emotion that arises. It is then the role of the practitioner to notice the body language shift and assist you in transforming any negative emotions into positive ones, processing any issues that arise, or even just assiting you in fully embracing the process as it unfolds.

    The emotional reaction will make sense when you are ready to understand it:-) I am so pleased that you were able to have this experience! From my heartt o yours, Joy

  7. I’ve heard about these techniques and they seem to be very sensual. But I didn’t know there was such a surge of emotions.

  8. I think it really depends. Each person and each session is unique. One client I had asked to extend his session…when I asked him why, he said that he had never felt so much love flowing through his heart. It was so wonderful to be a part of that process…on the other hand, some people sob and release body memories….Joy

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