Should have expected this!!!!

Not been a bad month….the kitchen refurb seemed to be going well….the weather has been fabulous, especially the past week. I should have realised that things would bite me in the bum.
Saturday Phil hurt his back, which put an end to the new flooring being laid. Then Sunday I got a phone call from my mother informing me that my father, who has been loosing his marbles for the past decade (he is 87 after all!) had got her so worked up, that she wanted me to drive over to London to stay with her & provide a bit of respite. The fact that I had more than enough on my plate was of no consequence to her! I am now being cast as the “bad daughter”. Why the fuck my sister couldn’t step in is beyond me!! Shit, she lives closer, has retired, has always been the one my dear mother holds up as a paragon of virtue (if only she knew what i know…), why must I be the one to drop everything?
Rant over! I’ll be away from my pc for a few days next week, I have been made to feel guilty….


5 responses to “Should have expected this!!!!

  1. Wow, sorry things are so challenging…I can relate to the frustration you are feeling. Having an external pressure to be superwoman can be extremely difficult. Remember to take care of yourself and take time for you! Lots of love, Joy

  2. I hope life has lightened up for you. I recenlty went through my mother’s attempted suicide through starvation and found that I was the only one capable of doing what needed to be done. After coming back home (she lives in Ontario, Canada and I in Washington) I felt such intense guilt.

    I finally had to let go…I hope you are able to let go. You are an amazing woman and I suspect, an amazing daughter…just so you know! From my heart to yours, sending positive and loving energy, Joy! The pervert lol!:-)

    • Hey, Joy…thanks for this lovely comment. Things are sorting themselves out, Mum is being her usual awkward self, Dad is being forgetful….what can I say?! At least my sis is getting involved for a change!
      I may be going back up to London again soon, Dad has prostate cancer (not terminal, he has been told he will die of old age before the cancer kills him!) but he is due a check up soon & Mum just antagonises him, so it’ll be me who has to take him from now on.
      Anyway, thanks again.

  3. hey there……I’d definitely like to meet you sometime……..what is your e-mail address so we can talk sometime


    • Mike, this very sweet of you, but…..if you read my previous entries you will know that A : we no longer swing, and B: we always used to prefer making the first move, anyone hitting on us got short shrift.
      Thanks anyway!

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