Something to look forward to!

I know I haven’t been posting much lately, but I have been incredibly busy at work AND phase two of our kitchen refurbishment has started, so you will have to forgive me for now!
I do have something to mention though, last November I attended a seminar on baby massage and there I made acquaintance with a therapist from my part of the world. She was attending as a potential giver of massage, whereas I was there as someone who would be referring new mums to a therapist. Unfortunately, she works in a different health trust area, so I would not be directly involved with her, but we decided to keep in touch as I had levels of expertise that she could draw on and she could also provide information that I might find useful.
Anyway, last week I found myself in an area that was quite close to where she had her practice, so I phoned her to see if she was free for a chat. Turns out she was taking the afternoon off for a bit of studying and welcomed the opportunity to take a break, so I popped over to her place for a cup of tea.
I noticed that she was studying Tantric massage techniques and she explained that living & working near to Glastonbury she had a “New Age/hippy” client base and had occasionally been asked if she did tantric massage, so she decided to study it in order to add a string to her bow. To cut a long story short, she was nearing the end of her studies & was soon going to need a couple of volunteers to practice on and if i was interested she would welcome the impartial feedback I could giver her as she only had her husband to work on at this point. Now you can imagine my enthusiasm for this! She did say that she could leave out the ultimate part of the treatment (for those that may not know about tantra, the process can end with what is known as Yoni massage on a woman or Lingam massage on a man, try googling those terms for more info) if I was at all unsure about that aspect. I was more than happy for her to give me the full treatment, so in a couple of weekends time i shall get Phil to drive me down to her practice for what will be my first ever tantric massage. I will report back on how it went!


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