The controversial issue of female ejaculation!

Image from "Tantric Serenity"

I have been meaning to write this piece for ages, it’s a subject that interests me profoundly.
Let me start by giving you a bit of background on my own experience of female ejaculation. I’m not entirely certain how typical I am but from what I’ve read I seem to be fairly representative of the part of the female population that can achieve this phenomenon.
My ejaculations don’t usually coincide with an orgasm. They are the product of what I like to call my climaxes. I can have quite a few climaxes on my way to the big “O”, most, though not all, accompanied by an ejaculation. I usually find that my climaxes get closer together as I approach orgasm, which can lead to an almost continuous series of ejaculations. The ejaculation itself consists of a spurt of clear fluid at the first contraction followed by what is best described as a dribble of fluid with the following contraction. At best my ejaculation can spurt out 10 to 12 inches, certainly not the huge arc of fluid that can go half way across the room you usually see coming out of the women in porn films!! I have very serious doubts that what you see there is a genuine ejaculation, more likely either peeing or the result of a carefully concealed water squirter with the spout between the the womans legs….
My own ejaculate is usually bland tasting, maybe slightly salty depending on what I have eaten or drunk in the previous few hours.
Now I want to talk about why I know that what I produce is not pee. I always go to the toilet before having any sex or masturbating as I have a long history of cystitis, so having an empty bladder means that I’m not peeing when I ejaculate. Also, my pee is obviously yellow and smells of urine. I have peed onto a white cotton hanky & left it to dry, it was still yellow when dry & still smelled of urine. The wet patch left behind when I ejaculate dries leaving nothing more than a faint water mark & is totally odorless.
The best way to make me ejaculate is to start by stimulating my clitoris and when I am well and truly aroused (ie wet!) insert a finger into my vagina, about one to one and a half inches in and rub the front wall of my vagina which would seem to be where my G spot is located. That, combined with the rubbing of my clitoris will usually bring me to a climax and produce an ejaculation. Certain positions, such as rear entry, during intercourse which allow me to rub my clitoris while bringing the glans or tip if the penis into contact with my G spot will also result in an ejaculation.
I have always been someone who got very “wet” during sex, but I had no idea that whet I was actually doing was ejaculating. I had always assumed that my vaginal lubrication glands were working overtime! It wasn’t until I had given birth to my first child that something started to intrigue me. My midwife followed by my health visitor, both drummed into me the importance of doing my pelvic floor (kegel) exercises. Over a short period my pelvic muscles became stronger than they were before childbirth and I became aware that fluid was not only dribbling out during a climax but was actually spurting out. The more i exercised the more I was able to make the fluid spurt out. Then my good friend Jacky showed me an article in Cosmo or Marie Claire all about female ejaculation and it all fell into place!
Twenty three years on & I still ejaculate. As mentioned in my post “a new year a new phase”, I have decided to talk about the subject. Any of you guys reading this who want advice please feel free to ask me. After all, we all (women) have the same basic plumbing, so we should all be able to ejaculate. I think it’s the “I feel like I’m going to pee” mentality that puts so many women off & inhibits them. If you can just learn to go with the flow & trust that you are NOT peeing yourself, you will discover a whole new facet to sex & lovemaking.


4 responses to “The controversial issue of female ejaculation!

  1. A wonderful post on a subject you know interests me a lot. Thank you for sharing. Also, wonderful to read that you do have these climaxes before the big ‘O’ :)…you are very lucky to know your own body so well…as is your partner!

  2. Dear Julia (or do you prefer to be called naturegirl thesedays?!)
    You probably won’t remember us, but about seven or eight years ago you had quite a bit of correspondence with my husband Paul when you ran the much missed “Wet Patch” group on MSN.
    We followed you over to the Lovers Guide site when you were a regular contributor on the subject of female ejaculation there, but then you disappeared from there quite suddenly! It was a pleasant surprise to find you are a present here on WordPress, I stumbled onto your site when I searched for information on Female ejaculation here.
    Having read what you have posted here, I find myself wondering if you could be of more help now. F E is still eluding me alas!, though we have had quite a few “near misses” (though I don’t get the feeling that I am about to pee that you used to describe) but other than getting very wet, I have not experienced a full blown ejaculation. It’s silly, I know, but I really want to ejaculate, not just for my sake, but for Paul too.
    It might be best if I emailed you direct as I have quite a lot to write, are you still on the Yahoo email address you had back then?

    Looking forward to hearing from you.


    Christine and Paul

    • My goodness, there’s a blast from the past!! I haven’t had any references to the “Wet Patch” for …ooh 6 or more years!
      I think I recall corresponding with someone called Paul, but that would have been at least 7 years ago, probably 8 as you say.
      The answer is no, I closed my Yahoo account back in 2008, I will email you direct on the email address that came with your reply, I am always happy to discuss female ejaculation.
      I’ll get on the case right now.


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