Fun and games.

I wonder how many of you remember playing games like Forfeits, Truth or Dare or Kiss Chase? We played them all the time as kids, then as we got a bit older the games became a bit more daring, we added games like Spin the Bottle and Strip Jack Naked (Strip Poker by another name).
I mention them because now that we have internet access again at home, Phil has showed me a site where young men & women play party games with the same sort of adult themes but thr difference is they are being filmed!
Watching one particularly sexy passage I was reminded of events that happened to me way back in 1975, or maybe it was 1976, whatever. I was taking my first bite at academia and this particular year I was mixing with some really fun friends! One, let’s call her Carol, had an aunt who lived in North Devon who gave Carol the opportunity to use her house for the Easter break. The proviso was that we were not to have any wild parties, were not to bring any boys back and that we had to leave the house as clean & tidy as we found it! And if we did weaken and have a party we were to use the summer house at the bottom of the garden (what a lovely aunt!!)
On arrival the four of us unpacked in our chosen rooms (two in each bedroom) and got down to some typically girly things while listening to music by Genesis, Yes, Supertramp and Steamhammer (we were all prog-rock chicks!)Then over the next three days we discovered that Lynton & Lynmouth are not exactly the youngsters utopia we hoped they would be! Having explored both & found a couple of decent pubs, we set about trying to find some sort of nightlife….to no avail!
Still, we were having a nice time in each others company so we didn’t mind too much. Then on the Thursday evening salvation arrived in the shape of three very tasty looking guys. Us four girls were sat on Lynmouth sea front eating our fish and chips when these 3 guys walked up to us & asked us if we knew of anywhere they could spend the night at minimal cost. They were hitch hiking their way to Cornwall for the surfing season and came to the conclusion that at 6:30PM they were unlikely to get a lift anywhere from Lynton!
They were polite, well spoken & obviously educated, so the four of us had a little pow-wow during which we asked Carol if they could sleep in the summerhouse,which was used for storing patio furniture & chairs etc. It only took a minute to decide & they were SO grateful!!
We walked back to the cottage (45 minutes, mostly uphill on the way back!!) and pointed them to the bathroom so that they could freshen up. When they emerged, showered & in fresh clothes, we gathered up some nibbles, crisps & peanuts, a couple of bottles of cider & a bottle of sweet sherry (a hangover in the making there!) & made our way to the summerhouse.
By the time the sherry was finished & most of the cider also gone, the atmosphere was getting a bit lairy. One of the guys produced a spliff & that was it…we were well on our way to a memorable evening! Someone suggested playing spin the bottle, the forfeits and dares got more and more suggestive and before long we were all in various states of undress! You won’t be surprised to read that I was one of the more “undressed” ones…haven’t changed much have I?!
Anyway, we decided to round the evening off with a competition in which there would be TWO winners…. The boys all had to line up, backs to the wall and wedding tackle front and centre, three of us girls (the most daring, or should that be drunk?) had to stand next to a guy then on the word go from the “judge” we had to wank our chosen guy off! The winning girl would be the one who made her guy come first, the winning guy would be the one who sprayed his semen the farthest! Yeah… I know, but we couldn’t think of a better contest on the spur of the moment! Anyway, it pains me to admit that I came second in both categories!
Still, it goes to show that the youth of today have nothing to shock us oldies, we just didn’t have mobile phones or digital camcorders to record it on!


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