I haven’t fallen off the planet…

…but I have been incredibly busy! I have been providing sickness cover for a colleague AND trying to organise getting my kitchen refurbished! So, yes, I haven’t been posting much here for the past two weeks. Rest assured that I will be composing a diatribe about the joys of female ejaculation very soon as well as posting more photos on my “alternative” blog.
In the mean time, please feel free to comment on the photos I have already put up, it’s always nice to get feedback…..


3 responses to “I haven’t fallen off the planet…

    • Dave, I’m so pleased that your libido gets a boost from my adventures, but I’m sure you are being nothing more than very kind!
      Anyway, the kitchen refurb has turned into a major work as we have decided to go all out for an extension, with all the building work that entails. The upshot is that I do not have internet access at home for a while and add to that my change from part time to to full time work, albeit only until the end of March, you can understand why I am not getting much blogging done right now.
      I do have limited internet access at work sometimes, so I will be checking in regularly as well as putting my views across on Cindy’s blog. But finding the time to compose a full blown piece about Female ejaculation (as promised!) is proving difficult!

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