Our photos

If you go through my past posts, those of you who have read my musings before will notice that the sexually explicit photographs have gone! I’m talking about the ones that showed fellatio or penetration, not the ones that are essentially “naturist” shots. Lord knows that at 53 I no longer get worried about nudity, over the years I suspect that countless people will have seen me naked either on beaches or in spas etc. I don’t even mind that some will have seen my “girly bits”, you try climbing in or out of a hot tub without giving all those present an eyeful!
However, I frequently post stuff here that is not about swinging and I don’t want to deter readers from returning by blatantly posting images they might find offensive.
So what I think I might do is set up a separate blog somewhere with links from these blog pages so that I can post the more controversial stuff for those of you who want to see it. Blogspot seem to be ok with explicit material.
If enough of you post positive comments I’ll go ahead. Let me know what you think.


14 responses to “Our photos

  1. Please do, NL! I love photos of older mature ladies confident enough to show their stuff. You show me your’s, I’ll show you mine!

  2. Well, so far you are the only individual to have expressed an interest in this idea! Not very encouraging……
    “You show me your’s, I’ll show you mine!”…..now where have I heard this before?

  3. If I was the reason you took those photos off, I’m sorry. I was more curious and ignorant but I wasn’t offended.
    I am not one of those people who are turned on by visuals, so that part doesn’t really affect me.

  4. Prairienymph I want you to not blame yousrelf, yes the exchanges we had elsewhere on WordPress, as well as our emails, had a bearing on my decision to remove the photos, but I had been thinking along those lines anyway! You just helped me to make my mind up.
    The lack of interest in my idea of setting up a separate page just for my pictures makes me think that I might not bother, we’ll see how much encouragement I get!

  5. Oh Naturegirl please do set this up! I last visited your pages a few weeks ago & was really taken by the sexy photos you had the balls to post. Please PLEASE post them somewhere else!

  6. i vote for that idea. Sounds like a “place” that would be interesting to visit, to see what you consider “good enough” to share……..

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