A new year and a new phase?

Those of you who have followed my previous ramblings here on WordPress will know that Phil (my husband of over 26 years) and I had been sexually adventurous between 2002 & 2008. We dropped out of the swinging scene in the autumn of 08 mainly because the novelty had worn off and we had become a bit disenchanted with it all, a “been there, done that” attitude was growing & we just didn’t want to push the boundaries any further back then.
However, events over the New Year period have sort of rekindled my interest!
We traveled back to London to stay with my parents for Christmas & while we were there we popped round to visit various friends seldom seen since we had moved to the west country nearly 4 years ago.
One particular couple, jacky & Garry, we HAD seen some 18 months previous, but we have a very special relationship with those two so we were particularly pleased to see them & thrilled when they invited us back for the New Year celebrations.
Now, before I go any further I need to give you some background on Jacky & Garry. Jacky is one of my closest & oldest friends, we go back to 1978 & we have absolutely no secrets between us. Jacky (& her husband garry) is the only person who knows about my lifestyle, we have slept together (not in the biblical sense!), sunbathed naked together, been pregnant together, peed together, even changed our tampons in front of one another. In short we are closer than you can imagine. The four of us have been on holiday together, and while I can safely say that our relationship is quite intimate, we have NOT swung with them. When we last saw them 18 months ago, I somehow got talked into “demonstrating” how female ejaculation works in the real world, as opposed to the stuff in adult movies, serves me right for bragging about it I guess!!
Anyway, back to New Years Eve…..we returned from the pub that the celebrations were held at & sat in their lounge while Garry made us all a cup of tea (you can tell we are all over 50 when tea takes preference over alcohol!). Jacky surprised me & Phil by getting straight to the point & saying “you remember you showed us how you were able to ejaculate, well we’ve been trying to do it ever since without success”. I have to say that at 12:30 in the morning I was not quite ready for that!
I said “maybe you are one of those women who can’t ejaculate, though I can never understand why as we are all equipped with the same basic plumbing!!” “Does that mean you want us to show you again?” Phil, ever the opportunist, piped up. “Would you?” said Jacky & Garry, who had joined us, making it hard for anyone to say no!!
We retired to their bedroom & I stripped from the waist down. Phil & I got on the bed & he started to play with me, it was then that I had the idea of getting the other two to join us on the bed so that they could watch more closely & copy what Phil & I did. Picture the scene, four of us on the bed, the two women naked from the waist down while our husbands played with our girly bits!
I soon found that a climax was starting to build & told them to watch closely as Phil dexterously massaged my clitoris with the ball of his thumb while stimulating my Gspot with his index & middle fingers. Sure enough, I got that urge to bear down followed by a spurt of clear fluid. Garry was trying to watch me AND work on Jacky at the same time, she was clearly enjoying the stimulation but no ejaculation was forthcoming.
Phil suggested that Garry should perhaps try playing with my bits to see if he was doing it right & with Jacky’s blessing he switched his attention to me. Other than having to tell him not insert his fingers quite so far up, he was doing it pretty well right. Before long he was rewarded with a jet of ejaculate in the palm of his hand, you can imagine his delight! He returned his attention to Jacky, but despite very careful & gentle stimulation, she climaxed but didn’t ejaculate.
So….what did we learn from all this? Well apart from the obvious, I think Phil & I have found a new outlet for our skills! Maybe we should think about becoming sex instructors. I know there are organisations in the States that provide this service, should we consider setting something similar up here?


9 responses to “A new year and a new phase?

  1. This terrifies me, honestly. I was raised in fear of the slippery slope, and told that if I left fundy christianity then it would lead to adultery and pedophilia. I think those fears were exaggerated, but how did you get to where you are? What do you do to keep your marriage strong?
    What do you teach your kids about sex and integrity?
    How do you protect them from sexual abuse?
    And what is swinging? Is that like an orgy?
    I sincerely want to know!


    • Ok prairienymph, this is going to be a long reply, so please bear with me!
      I was born into an Anglican High Church family & raised as a Christian. I may no longer go to church and I have little time for the narrow minded hypocrites that profess to be Christians in these times of child abuse & cruelty practised in the name of religion, I do, however, still hold what I believe to be Christian (in the broadest sense of the word) views. That said, I grew up in the late 60s & early 70s, a time of social & sexual revolution and I rebelled against and challenged my parents strict rules. Phil & I have been together for over 28 years, we have a rock solid marriage but even sound relationships like ours sometimes need a bit of spicing up to keep them fresh & interesting. In 2002 we made a conscious decision to experiment sexually. You can read more about all this in my blog titled “our alternative lifestyle”.
      In our own way, we have a strong moral code, it’s just that we operate by a different set of rules, and you would be amazed at just how many other perfectly “normal” nice people walk the same path. We have always managed to keep our sexual selves away from our children, though knowing what I now know about our eldest, I doubt he would be so shocked!
      Swinging? Yes, it can involve “orgies”, they are usually called sex parties, but the proceedings can be similar! More often than not, swinging just involves bringing one or two other people into our circle of intimacy. Mostly Phil & I indulge in threesomes or foursomes, a very intimate & rewarding way of giving and receiving sexual pleasure.
      We no longer actively swing, we stopped in 2008, but we are happy to share our experiences with others & pass on any advice.
      Hope this answers your questions!!

  2. I ask this out of curiosity. My wife is a squirter (as we maybe crudely call it) as well, and I am wondering from what you described if I am doing what Phil is doing. I do the thumb, but is he using his fingers in a motion as if he were telling you to ‘come here’ (finger curled up and back toward yourself)?

    We have just started soft swinging at a club in our general area, which has really ramped up our sex lives. There my wife has enjoyed us putting on show so much that she has been squirting more than ever to the wonderment of our onlookers … well mainly the men.


    • Yes, what you describe is the sort of thing Phil does, he only inserts his fingers up to just past the first joint then bends them towards the front wall of my vagina.
      I would imagine your wife is experiencing the same emotions that I went through when we first started experimenting, I was just so turned on by the whole thing that I climaxed very easily & quite spectacularly!
      Anyway, thanks for you rely, I hope you will be back!

  3. I am so envious of your friend jacky, I would really welcome your advice if you could find the time to come and teach us!

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