tempting fate never pays off!

I knew it! Back in late August I was boasting about how the menopause was not having too big an impact on my sex life (see my very first blog “hello world”) and that I was still able to get aroused & ejaculate, well that was the kiss of death!!
I haven’t had a period since then, but more to the point my vaginal secretions have virtually dried up & I haven’t ejaculated since mid-September, despite still being able to climax, albeit with a lot more effort.
So…..this is it, eh? All downhill from here? I swore I would never go for HRT but I may have to swallow my words. Shit, I’m only 53, I’m not ready to be consigned to the sexual scrapheap. Barely two years ago I was enjoying threesomes. now I’m struggling to get wet enough for penetrative sex! Thank goodness for Sylk vaginal lubrication, that’s all I’ve got to say….


17 responses to “tempting fate never pays off!

  1. Julia…I would research vitamin deficiencies, online, for women in their 50’s…

    I have heard of two cases where women, like u, MISTAKENLY believed they were entering menopause…But they were NOT.

    All they were suffering from, was a lack of vitamins.

  2. No, there is no doubting what I’m experiencing. I’m almost exactly where my sister was 2 years ago & she is 2 years older than me!
    I take plenty of herbal supplements (black cohosh, EPO, soya derived supps) but to be honest, I don’t think they make a huge difference. I also have a good diet, I don’t believe I’m short of vitamins!!

  3. This symptom may not last. The body changes and sometimes regulates itself back to the way it was.

    From what I hear, not having gone through menopause myself, the worst is when you are going through it, but once it’s over and you haven’t had your period for over a year (so I hear) things calm down again and go back to “normal”…whatever normal is.

    • The worrying thing is, my sister went some 18 months without a period, the hot flashes decreased, then would you believe it, she came on….big time! Something to look forward to!

    • Well if you look online you will be staggered at how many sites purport to show female ejaculation….and most of ’em are totally fake!! It doesn’t squirt out in a huge arc covering all concerned, it merely spurts out, travelling a few inches at best, more often than not it usually trickles out, leaving a wet patch on the sheets!

      • well, then maybe I have experienced this…. I remember one time when my entire face got soaked and I assumed the lady had simply peed on my face. But it tasted different…. and wonderful…

  4. I must admit I’m ignorant on this subject but maybe you’ve just helped me understand. Last night I had the most amazing time of my life – we met a week ago and instantly connected but she kept putting me off, but I was persistent… because she’s 55 and she knew I wasn’t (I’m 39 but look 29). We took our time with each other and by the time I was fingering her, she was ready to explode, and she did, kind of… She was very dry and I was very confused.

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  6. I found your blog via a comment you left on Cindy Ashley Millers’ blog; the one about the alternative Christmas gift of oral sex. I’m the man that commented about wanting to do this for women and I agree with you that most men wouldn’t turn down the opportunity to be that close to a woman’s vagina. I am of a mind that it is more enjoyable to feast on a woman than it is to have vaginal sex with her. Her level of trust and preparation to allow a man to get that close is what makes it erotic along with the sheer delightful taste of a woman’s vagina and her vaginal fluids… Are you in need of a special Christmas gift this year? j/k!

  7. To each of us there is given a time and place beneath the sun…So relax and enjoy life in all its glorious phases cause it won’t seem to have lasted quite long enough when the end at last arrives…

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