Well…who’d have thought it?

I’ve just looked through the stats for my blogs & the one that seems to have attracted the most views is “Men & their bathroom habits”
I half expected to find the ones about swinging to be the most popular, especially as I plucked up the courage to put some rather intimate photos up there too, but I was mistaken.
Does that mean you are less interested in my sexlife & prefer to read about trivial things like why my husband chooses to sit to pee?
I was thinking of writing about my first experience with another woman, but is there any point?


2 responses to “Well…who’d have thought it?

  1. That is odd that the posts about swinging aren’t hit more often, most people love reading about other people’s sex lives. lol I for one am very interested in hearing about your first time with another woman because that is something I’m very much looking forward to experiencing myself. 🙂


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