Our journey continues.

In my last blog I wrote about our first tentative steps on the road to sexual fulfilment, a wonderful evening with a couple called Will & Angela. We had indulged in some “same room sex” with them, for the uninitiated that’s sex with your own partner in the presence of another or others who should also be having sex. You could call it swinging for wimps!
There was to be another “same room sex” session with Will & Angela, this one was just a bit more intimate than the first in as much that there was some physical contact between us, but still no partner swapping. However, it was inevitable that sooner or later we would end up having a full blown foursome & when it happened, I think Phil & I experienced not only one of the most erotic events but also found we had an even deeper love for each other that we could possibly have imagined. This will probably seem trite, but as we lay there next to each other, me with Will fucking me slowly & rhythmically, Phil with Angela sat astride him, his dick deep inside her, we reached out to each other & held hands & when we looked in each others eyes, there was no denying the love that was present. I felt Phil’s hand tighten it’s grip on my hand as he came to a climax.
I think back to those first tentative steps in the world of swinging & I believe that what we were doing was giving each other the ultimate gift of sensual pleasure.
What this experience did was open the floodgates for while, we had discovered a whole new world of sexual pleasure & we did behave a bit like children with the keys to the local candy store!
Will & Angela invited us to our first sex party & boy was that an eye opener! There were people of all ages there, ranging from mid/late twenties to mid/late fifties, all shapes & sizes, more single guys than couples, but above all, they were all so pleasant & kind!
I had once (foolishly!) mentioned to Phil that I wondered what it would be like to have sex with several guys. Well, the bugger had secretly organised it with Will for me to find out at this party. (and for the record, it’s a bit over rated!)


4 responses to “Our journey continues.

  1. it’s all about the baby steps isn’t it? That’s how it was for us…baby steps. At the beginning we just had a 2nd woman…then we talked about same room sex swearing we would never full swap….then we full swapped and we swore we’d never leave the room…yeah. things change. and it’s ok. we’re totally happy about the changes…but thankfully those baby steps is what we needed to ease into it.

  2. Can I call you OSM? (It’s easier than Ordinary Swin….etc), thanks for your comment, you’re right, little steps.
    Phil & I have one rule that we would never break, we ALWAYS do what we do in each others presence, which is just as well as Phil enjoys the watching anyway!!

  3. I’m amazed! I take it that’s you in the photos?
    How does it feel to do this with your husband watching? & What goes through your husband’s mind while you do this?
    I admit, I’ve dreamed about watching my wife with another man (or woman, even more erotic!), I’d love to see her face as she gets penetrated, I think I would even want her to have sex without a condom, the thought of seeing a guy’s semen dribbling out of her would be a real turn on for me.
    But it’s only a fantasy, I don’t envisage this ever happening for real, sad though that is!

    • Yes, it’s me. To be frank I’m having second thoughts about these photos, I’m not sure I’m comfortable showing them any more.
      As for how it felt, well the very first time Phil was a spectator was a tiny bit weird at first, but once things got going I was so turned on that any doubts evaporated. Like I’ve said before, the notion that he (and a few others) were watching proved to be very arousing. I know he found it all very arousing too, we talked about it after & used the preceding events as part of our foreplay.
      Let me stress one thing though, if your wife is not interested then keep it to yourself, you risk alienating her if you try to broach the subject with an unwilling partner.

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