Hello world!

As a fiftysomething woman going through the menopause I thought I would blog about what I’m feeling, how it’s affecting me, my life, my sex life & libido, my relationships & family.
This will be a frank & at times very intimate blog. I hope you will find it useful, informative, entertaining & hopefully, at times sexy!

Week 1

So where shall I start? How about looking back at the past seven days?

Last Saturday dawned with me suffering from a headache. Not alcohol induced, more’s the pity, but one of those hormonal headaches that come with “the change”. And these just don’t respond to painkillers like paracetamol, the alternative being a codeine based drug which just binds me up! Ho hum.
Also, my boobs have started to ache, impending period! But when? Last month my boobs ached for 2 weeks before I came on.
Monday to Wednesday, boobs still ached, but no bleeding yet. Sex with hubby did nothing to help either!
Thursday? Aha, a bit of spotting. Could it be?
Friday? No! And my boobs STILL ache.

Week 2

Not a good start, my bits are itching like mad! Where did that come from? I hate thrush, I feel like I want to take a bottle brush to my vagina! And to add to my miseries, I think I really am coming on now. At least my boobs are pain-free today….
Sunday: at last my period has turned up, but how the fuck do I insert a pessary & keep it up there when blood is virtually gushing out?!
Monday: still itching like mad & really heavy today, that last tampon lasted all of 45 minutes!
Tuesday: still heavy, this is why I find myself wishing the menopause was over!

When I was in my prime I could predict when my period would start as I was as regular as clockwork, I always knew when I was ovulating as I got a twinge when the follicle was released, besides I could tell when I was in mid-cycle as my vaginal secretions changed viscosity quite dramatically, also I became seriously horny then as well!
Now days my periods are so erratic, I have been known to go 10 to 12 weeks without coming on then having 3 periods in 8 weeks! This all started very gradually back in 2002, my mother went through the change quite young (mid 40s) but back then she just elected to have a hysterectomy. I have no intentions of going down that route.
But that change back in 2002 did have one effect on me, it made me realise that I was soon going to loose my libido & I felt there was so much I hadn’t done yet! It became the catalyst that motivated me & my husband to try sexual experimentation.

One response to “Hello world!

  1. Hi, just found your site while checking out Tantra in Glastonbury. I think it is great for a fifty something to be as open as you are, I am also a fifty something,and I feel more open and free than ever. Like you I have also had an exciting sexual past, bnut I think you have had the better by the sound of it. I hope to correspond regularly and look forward to your future blogs.

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